Flames sparked, Air tumbled, Earth shook, Waters rose. But what is truly dangerous?

Welcome to the Four Clans

Hello there, and welcome to our world. I am afraid that you have come at a sad time, for the clans are in turmoil. Unfortunately, nothing can stop them now but you'd best know the rules as not to get killed out there. There are four Clans, battling for survival, each with their own problems. But also with advantages of their own: FlameClan, having evolved to the heat of their habitat, have the power to resist pain of claws and fangs. EarthClan, lived on the hard soils of Earth, have amazing fortitude with the ability to withstand being pushed over or pinned. WindClan, moving with the rhythm of the air, can move swiftly without being sensed of their movement. And finally, LakeClan, endured vast floods in their past, have great swimming ability that cannot be matched by prey or predator. As I said before, each Clan has their own problems, aside from destroying each other. For FlameClan, prey is scarce during the summer due to the intensity of the heat. EarthClan's prey flourish but are often killed by dogs, hunting and controlled by their twolegs. WindClan's territory is infested by snakes. Finally, LakeClan, who's water level is demoting a little everyday. Choose your Clan, and help them against your own Clan's ambitions.
- Fate